Charlee Jacob has been a digger for dinosaur bones, a seller of designer rags, and a cook -- to mention only a few things.

With more than 950 publishing credits, Charlee has been writing dark poetry and prose for more than 25 years. Some of her recent publishing events include the novel STILL (Necro), the poetry collection HERESY (Necro), and the novel DARK MOODS. She is a four-time Bram Stoker Award winner, two of those awards for her novel DREAD IN THE BEAST and the poetry collection SINEATER; the third award for collaborative poetry collection, VECTORS, with Marge Simon. Permanently disabled, she has begun to paint as one of her forms of phsycial therapy. To see some of Charlee's paintings, click here.

She lives in Irving, Texas with her husband Jim and a plethora of felines. To view a bibliography of Charlee's works, click here.


N E W S & U P D A T E S

The Myth of Falling
Sinister Grin Press has released Charlee's first new book in six years, THE MYTH OF FALLING, a collection of frequently gruesome fiction, cruelty, sexual deviance, and essays of living with horror. The book is available in all formats, with cover art by Nick Gucker.

For more information on the limited edition hardcover, click here.

A trade paperback edition can be ordered from Amazon here, where an ebook edition is available for Kindle. NOOK readers can order their copies here.




FOUR ELEMENTS - Trade PB, HC, and eBook

Winner of the 2013 Bram Stoker Award! From modern interpretations to ancient mythology, they explore the magic and mystery of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Their vivid poetry and prose brings to life a universe in a grain of sand, taking the reader through a journey of discovery from the inside out.  ... read more.


SOMA - Reissued Trade PB and eBook

From the crumbling ruins of a Cambodian jungle temple to the arid canyons of west Texas, exotic demons of the ancient past collide with more modern devils. As crippled residents in a small Cambodian village try to rebuild their lives in a shattered country, their god returns to them in an unlikely form ... read more.


STILL - Trade PB and eBook

Zane Mcfadden had given everything to be a Los Angeles cop: his health, his family, his sanity. Now Zane only cared about one thing ... the scrapbook had become Zane's very own special cross to bear. Page after page of unsolved murder cases from the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s would lead Zane down a path of obsession and self-destruction ... read more.